XL Cosmetic Bag
XL Cosmetic Bag
XL Cosmetic Bag
XL Cosmetic Bag
XL Cosmetic Bag

XL Cosmetic Bag

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Ok guys…HOT like I can’t even tell you how HOT this is right now!! The quality is unbelievable, I was able to fit a total of 40+ items inside! Super soft material, easy to wipe, and such a unique design.

We had these bag special made so you will NOT find this quality anywhere else!!! It is insane and each bag has been quality checked!!

High-quality materials - PU leather fabric easy to clean, special water-resistant surface to prevent internal products from getting wet.

Large-capacity Designed Make up Bag - At the opening the bag has a steel wire inserted inside, which can make the bag more three-dimensional and more comfortable to carry.

Multifunctional storage bag - This bag not only can store your cosmetics, but also Jewelry, Electronic Accessories, Camera, Essential oil, Toiletries, Shaving Kit, Glasses, Valuable objects and so on.

Convenient and Durable Handle - easy to handle and very practical zipper pouch

4.33 in height, 9.25in length, 4.2 width”